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PaddyKing Paddy Field with Full range of Rice Products
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Harvesting the finest rice grains
HLGK Rice harvesting

Harvesting the Finest Grains

The PaddyKing brand is founded and distributed by Hong Lian Gim Kee (HLGK). We are committed to bringing you the finest rice grains to your dining table, to let you enjoy meals with your family and friends.

HLGK Rice grains

A Crop Above The Rest

The PaddyKing range of rice products is sourced from one of the best rice-producing regions in the world to ensure the quality of the highest standards. Its superior taste complements well with all types of cuisine and brings out the best in each meal. A crop above the rest, PaddyKing is the brand name you can rely on for its premium rice grains.

HLGK Selecting the finest rice grains

Our Beliefs,

Our Story

“To us, rice is not only an essential staple food but also the most important dish for any meal or cuisine. A tasty, fragrant bowl of rice will complement a well-cooked meal and brings out the best in them.


Therefore, PaddyKing is committed to bringing you the finest rice grains from the paddy fields to your dining table, so that everyone can enjoy PaddyKing rice every mealtime."

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The Healthier Choice

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Harvesting the Best!

Premium Quality, Amazing Taste 

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