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Thai New Crop Jasmine Rice topped with Sliced Hot Mayo Miso Abalone and Spring Onion

Served 4


200g PaddyKing Thai New Crop Jasmine Rice

200g Water

2 heads Whole Abalone, Sliced

25g White Miso Paste (about 2 Tbsp)

60g Mayonnaise (about 5 Tbsp)

10g Gochujang Sauce (about 1 Tbsp)

1 stk Spring Onion, Thinly Sliced


  1. Rinse Thai New Crop Rice once and place rice and water in rice cooker. Adjust mode to Jasmine Rice.

  2. Steamed whole canned abalone for 15 minutes, then set aside with running cold water. Discard liquid and Sliced abalone thinly and set aside.

  3. Mix mayonnaise , Gochujang sauce and miso paste together well. Set aside

  4. Fry the mayo miso mixture and abalone in hot non -stick pan over high heat for 10 seconds quickly with oil . Remove from pan.

  5. To dish out – place cooked rice on a desire mould and topped with Abalone and spring onion.

Tips – You can add ebiko for texture and color.


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